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Super Bowl odds 2015: Arizona Cardinals open at 30/1 to win their home Super Bowl

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Arizona is not a complete longshot as we enter the NFL offseason.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Seattle Seahawks have been crowned as the football champions of the world, it is completely natural to start looking ahead to next season and what the odds are for your team to be the next world champs. has already released the 2015 Super Bowl odds in Las Vegas.

The Seahawks open as favorites to repeat as champs, with 7/1 odds. They are followed by the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers at 8/1.

The Arizona Cardinals? It isn't something ludicrous this year. They open at 30/1, which is just above the middle of the league.

A year ago, Arizona opened with the second-longest odds at 100/1. They appear to be getting much more respect.

What makes the 2015 Super Bowl special is that it will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Cardinals play their home games.

How cool would it be to make it to the Super Bowl and play it like a home game? Playing in the NFC West makes it more difficult, but as tough as all the teams are in the division, it is reasonable to think that any of the teams could potential sneak out of the division as champs.

What do you think of the opening line? Should the Cardinals be at that level? Should they be higher? Lower?