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Super Bowl commericals: The winners of the night

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A look at some of the best commercials

Michael Heiman

Like every year, the game and the commercials to the Super Bowl are judged.

Who had the best commercials of the evening? Here are some that were winners in my house.

It was the one risque commercial, but the yogurt commercial with John Stamos was hilarious. You can't go wrong with a Full House reference.

Another win of the night was Tim Tebow repping T-Mobile. It was great to see him using his situation to cash in on some gold old capitalism.

The Bud Light series of spots that had an Ian Rapoport, aptly named the same thing as an NFL reporter was great. A totally regular dude gets a limo ride, Minka Kelly and to play table tennis with Arnold Schwarzenagger. Total win.

Likewise, how could you not love the Budweiser ad of a puppy and a horse becoming best buddies?

It wasn't their best ad ever, but the Doritos time machine spot was pretty funny.

What were your favorite commercials? Your least favorite? For us, the ones we liked the least were the Ellen Degeneres Beats commercial. Why was there a wolf with the three bears? Go Daddy's spot with the body builders, including a Danica Patrick body builder was kind of strange. Then...a Scientology commercial? No way.

Tell us your favorites and least favorites.