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Arizona Cardinals news 2/4: Super Bowl, NFC West reflections

Your morning Cardinals and NFL roundup

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is your Super Bowl hangover done yet? We now start the real offseason, where news might come in torrents, but other days it will be nothing. Here is where we start today.


Cardinals Blogs | Pressure wins championships
The Seahawks’ defense is being lauded today and rightfully so for their throttling of the Broncos’ record-setting offense in the Super Bowl.

Life In The NFC "Best"

Seahawks' Super Bowl win underscores work needed in NFL's top division

Cards Mailbag: Super Bowl edition - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

Welcome to #CardsMailbag, a weekly installment that allows you to ask Josh Weinfuss questions throughout the week via Twitter @joshweinfuss. He'll answer them every week during the offseason. Make sure to use the hash tag: #CardsMailbag

Seattle’s win raises stakes in NFC West - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

The stakes in the NFC West just went up.


The 2014 Super Bowl, or why the NFL always wins -

Is Pete Carroll going to change the NFL with the world champion Seattle Seahawks? Maybe, maybe not. Steven Godfrey went to New Jersey, and found a coach and a team content to enjoy their moment.

Daily Win: Seahawks and Broncos play best worst Super Bowl ever -
Dan Rubenstein explains why, even though Broncos-Seahawks was a blowout, it was still a good time.

Hey y'all got y'alls' asses whooped -
It's fun when teams get their asses whooped. This is a presentation of data meant for football fans who are wondering whether or not the Broncos lost the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks win the Super Bowl: Deserve had nothing to do with it -
Like everyone else in sports, the Seahawks don't deserve anything. So instead of waiting, they just took what they wanted.

Super Bowl 2014: Recapping the game with my Australian mother -
An Australian mum watched the Super Bowl and offered up her takes on America's big game. It's all about thin fellows and Bruno Mars.

Tim Tebow would have won the Super Bowl -
The Broncos look like idiots for trading their best hope at QB. PFT Commenter explains Denver's biggest mistake.

Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, other NFL stars shine on game show -

On the Super Bowl's greatest and possibly only game show, the NFL stars came out to answer New York, food, and pop culture trivia questions.

The 18 other teams who also won the Super Bowl this year -

Don't act like you did it all by yourselves, Seattle.

The case of Super Bowl XLVIII vs. New Jersey Transit -

The Super Bowl and its high-toned attendees are introduced to New Jersey Transit.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Rise of the quarterbacks -

With the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, NFL Draft season is officially underway. This week's mock draft features three rounds and several new starting quarterbacks.