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2014 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals start offseason ranked where they ended season

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The lack of respect already showing up.


Is it ever too early for new power rankings? Probably, but we have the first offseason list.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber put together his first rankings from best to worst and the Arizona Cardinals are sort of forgotten about.

They finished the season as the best non-playoff team. These power rankings have them listed at number 13, which would be exactly the same place -- the best team not among the 12 postseason teams.

Not only that, but he predicts a disappointing 2014 for the Cards.

A surprise last season, this is the team that everyone will be picking to win 14 games in 2014 and possibly the NFC. Nothing ever turns out well for those teams.

So after a 10-6 season, the Cards will not turn out to be so good, right?

Certainly the Cardinal do have some concerns, but that is where the team will try to improve.

Where do you think Arizona should be ranked right now?

Oh, the kicker is that he ranks the Falcons seventh. SEVENTH!