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Calais Campbell has New York trivia knowledge tested on 'Answer the Question'

On the latest episode of Answer the Question!, Cardinals DL Calais Campbell takes on New York trivia, with some Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and food trivia thrown in.

The Super Bowl brought a lot of media and a lot of odd things. SB Nation Studios provides us with some lighter things that are less about football, but involve football players. Dan Rubenstein caught up with several players from around the league to have them be part of "Answer the Question!" and test their knowledge on a variety of things.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was one of these participants, and he was asked about all things New York.

He proves to be fairly knowledgeable about New York, despite only having been there a couple of times. However, what I thought was the funniest part was when he is asked about speed.

He was asked which is faster -- Peyton Manning running at full speed or Calais running in slow motion. Campbell replies the slow-mo version of him, only he added running backwards would still be faster than Mr. Manning.

Check it out. It's at least mildly entertaining.