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Patrick Peterson and a possible holdout? Wait...

The cornerback doesn't rule it out.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson can have his rookie contract extended now that he has completed his third season. Technically, he has two years remaining, with the final year being a team option that would require them to pay him the average of the top-paid 10 cornerbacks in the league.

Peterson was a guest on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN with host Erik Kuselias and the topic of the contract came up. What are Peterson's plans?

He has already indicated that he intends on waiting for the Cardinals to approach him.

Kuselias asked him what would happen if the Cardinals don't, presumably referring to this offseason.

"I'm preparing to continue to play football at a high level, because at the end of the day, (the new contract) will come," he responded. "I have two years left on my deal. I just want to continue to play lights out football."

He said it would be "a joy" to get that new deal, getting paid like one of the best, which is the recognition he wants.

"Once that day comes, I'll be ready for it and I believe I've done enough work to earn it," he sad.

It was there where Kuselias placed the bait. He asked if Peterson if he understood that to mean that he was definitely not going to hold out. His quote is what is making some waves.

"I can't speak on that right now," Peterson said when asked. "Me and my agent, we haven't talked about some of those possibilities. We'll have to wait and see what happens."

Technically, he didn't rule it out. But that doesn't mean that he is planning on it. It doesn't sound like there has any plan been made at all. And if he did hold out, it would be after his agent advises him to do so.

Will the Cardinals approach Peterson this offseason? I think that depends on what happens in free agency. Should they? That's a tough call. While he was a Pro Bowler for the third straight year, his numbers were down. It might be cheaper now than a season from now.

Do you think that Peterson will hold out? Should he have said no, even if it meant perhaps going back on his word later? It might have caused a little less speculation.