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Larry Fitzgerald contract: What should be the Cardinals' priority now?

With $10 million now available in cap space, what should the Cardinals do now?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals suddenly find themselves with a lot more room under the salary cap than they did just two days ago. With the reshuffling of the money on Larry Fitzgerald's contract, they gained $10 million in salary caps space they can use.

The question is...what now? Now, since none of his actual money changed, they likely did not have to do any sort of presentation of what the game plan is. If I were Fitz, I would have accepted that deal without a problem, too. After all, he is getting almost $12 million now, rather than getting it paid throughout the football season.

Fitzgerald mentioned a few players last week when he was on local radio and he was asked about the possibility of restructuring his deal.

He said that Patrick Peterson needs to be paid. He said that the team needed to take care of both Karlos Dansby and Frostee Rucker.

The team could also sit on that money until next month, when free agency begins, and target a player like a left tackle to shore up the offense line.

They could also bring back a guy like Matt Shaughnessy.

What should be the team's new set of offseasn targets?