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The best and worst of the 2013 season [video]

With the NFL season sadly at an end, the Uffsides crew looks back on the best games and individual plays of the 2013 season, as well as some of the season's low points (lookin' at you, Texans).

We look back at the 2013 NFL season reflectively, especially as the Arizona Cardinals played above most people's expectations and won 10 games, falling just short of a playoff berth.

This Uffsides episode goes back over the best and the best and the worst of the past NFL season.

Unfortunately, no Cardinals game makes the list. Arizona did, though, have a couple of moments. One would naturally be the win in Seattle. Another turned out to bet the utter domination of Carolina, even though at the time the Panthers didn't look like they would be as good as they were.

Would you have put the Cardinals in one of the league's best games of the year? Would they have had one of the worst moments of the season?