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New Hall of Famer Aeneas Williasm 'so glad' the voters didn't keep him out

We talked about playing for bad teams and about waiting for the news that he made it.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Arizona Cardinals were elated last weekend when former Cardinals and St Louis Rams great Aeneas Williams was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Williams himself elaborated about the experience of having to wait in a hotel room for the phone call, as he was a guest on Friday on Fox Sports Radio 910.

Williams tells us, "I'm so glad that the voting committee didn't penalize me" for the bad teams he played on while he was here. It was likely, though, a factor the first couple of times he was a finalist.

How he handled the losing was controlling his play. "I never wanted to be the reason why we didn't win," he explained.

He recalled the 1998 team that made the playoffs and realizing how far a consistent winner would go for the community. He remembers thinking, "this would be a tremendous city," if the team could consistently be a decent team at least. "All I can do is smile" seeing the "real home field advantage" that exists now at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The interesting thing itself is that the new stadium was built in part because of a big play that Williams had, when he recovered a fumble 104 yards for a touchdown and an upset win over the Washington Redskins just before the stadium vote was decided.

Make sure to listen to the whole interview. He explains how he got the phone call and how he hated waiting for the phone call.

Williams was one of my favorite players growing up. His voting into the Hall of Fame not only is deserving for him, but it also provides a bright spot in the painful memories of rooting for a terrible team.