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Bruce Arians talks about how NFC West has developed into best division in NFL

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He even thinks that Sam Bradford is a very good quarterback.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

While back in his hometown in York, PA, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was a part of the Sports Night the town puts together, which they were doing for the 50th time. York Dispatch writer John Walk spoke to Arians and found out just how close Arians believes the Cardinals are to a championship type team.

Walk also included another Arians tidbit in another article that focused on George Trout,a man who has been a part of all 50 years of York's Sports Night.

This Arians quote reveals a bit of how it sounds the Cardinals would like to build their team long term, as he praises the rest of the NFC West.

"Those teams (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis) did a nice job building at the line scrimmage, getting offensive and defensive linemen," Arians said. "And then they got young quarterbacks to put them over the top. When we were playing Seattle in Pittsburgh about four years ago, they were really talented but the quarterback couldn't beat you. Now a Russell (Wilson) can beat you. Kap' (San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick) can beat you. So our division has great defenses and now has four good quarterbacks."

Things to pull from that:

One, he considers the Rams' Sam Bradford as a good quarterback, as he does Carson Palmer. He mentions the line of scrimmage being developed and then adding a young QB.

Arizona seems to be heading in that direction. While they are going "all in" for a championship now, we will probably see them try to build a solid offensive and defensive line and then, once that is in place, find their young quarterback to put them over the top.

The Cards are working on that offensive line. The defensive line is already there, but they need to add someone to take over for Darnell Dockett. We are waiting for that quarterback.