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Michael Floyd among 2013 plays of the year [video]

Who had the greatest single play of the 2013 NFL season? Calvin Johnson? Giovani Bernard? Alshon Jeffrey? NaVorro Bowman? Aaron Rodgers? Richard Sherman? Matt Ufford and the crew look back on the best of the best.

With some slow news days for the offseason, we bring you another Uffsides video with Matt Ufford of SB Nation Studios. He goes through the best plays on 2013. I hoped that the Arizona Cardinals would get some mention, and I was glad to see that they did.

However, the play I though would be there was not. I thought that they would mention Tyrann Mathieu's forced fumble in Week 1 that saved a touchdown, when he chased down tight end Jared Cook and punched out the ball from behind just before he made it to the end zone.

Nope, that wasn't the play that got mentioned.

Instead, it was a more impactful play -- the 35-yard touchdown catch by Michael Floyd in Week 16 that was the game-winning touchdown for the Cardinals to defeat the Seattle Seahawks on the road.

What were other plays from around the league? There was an Adrian Peterson touchdown dragging four players. There was the Terrelle Pryor 93-yard TD run. They mention Aaron Rodgers and his game-winning throw against the Bears.

Should the Cardinals have had at least one other play mentioned? Andre Ellington had an 80-yard touchdown run. Andre Roberts made a huge TD catch in Week 17. Mathieu had his forced fumble. Floyd had his catch. Was theere any other memorable play that has been overlooked?