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NFL 2014 salary cap set, big jumps expected following two seasons

Players are going to get more money.


The salary situation for the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the teams around the league is going to get a little bit easier to handle.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the league's 2014 salary cap will be $133 million, up from $123 million in 2013. However, that isn't all. In 2015, the cap is expected to increase to over $140 million and then over $150 million the following season.

In the short term, it means it should be easier to re-sign linebacker Karlos Dansby and extending Patrick Peterson. Longer term, it makes it a little easier to manage the Larry Fitzgerald contract.

Of course, the increased salary space means that players overall will be paid more -- as they should. The key is, moving forward, is not giving too much money to players that won't perform as needed.

Will more salary space be too much? For some teams, it likely will be.

Let's hope the Cardinals aren't one of those teams.