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Free Agency 2014: Containing the excitement for Arizona Cardinals fans

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The Cardinals are linked to one of the top four left tackles on the market, at a more than reasonable price, but Tuesday isn't here... yet.

Justin Edmonds

Remember when the Cardinals head coach was going to be Andy Reid?

Peyton Manning was 95% coming to Arizona to wear Cardinal red?

Not to say this Jared Veldheer to Arizona for five years $37.5 million isn't something worth getting excited about, just take the cautiously optimistic point of view until the pen meets the paper.

If the Cardinals were to swing Veldheer, what looks to be option C based on the bevy of Branden Albert is option A and Rodger Saffold is option B reports, for the money that is being reported, it's going to be a steal... on paper.

Veldheer will be 27 when the season starts, meaning he'll be only 32 when the contract ends.

He has a history of playing well against some of the top pass rushers in the NFL. He shut out Tamba Hali and Justin Houston in 2012, but also getting beat by some less than stellar competition, bad games against Jacksonville and Cleveland in 2012 make you understand some of the concerns about his consistency in pass protection.

Then there is the elephant in the room.

There was a report that surfaced this weekend that the Raiders offered Veldheer a five-year $55 million $20 million guaranteed contract, that turned out to be false.

There are now reports that the Raiders are putting a "full court press" on Veldheer to keep him in Oakland, but there are no numbers, no offers being reported at all.

If the Raiders let Veldheer go, is there a concern of why they would let the youngest and possibly cheapest left tackle option available in free agency go, and sign a guy who looks like more guard than tackle in free agency in Rodger Saffold, for more money mind you.

Is there concern about the triceps muscle that was torn?

Moving on from Veldheer, if he is signed for the alleged numbers, that leaves the Cardinals with some pretty cap space, probably about $10 million, to address the secondary and maybe another offensive linemen.

There's also the reality that a report surfaced backing up something I said weeks ago, that Karlos Dansby turned down a two year $10-12 million deal.

If the Cardinals sign Veldheer for cheaper than expected, most of us were thinking $9 million was the low point for a left tackle, would you sweeten the Dansby pot, or is $6 million a year fair price for a near over the hill linebacker?

Who are some other names you hope to hear about?

Keep tuned to Revenge of the Birds for all your free agency information and best reaction and insight to the Cardinals moves.