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NFL free agency 2014: Arizona Cardinals in talks with many of own free agents

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An update on the team's many players that will be free agents today.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Lost among all the talk of the Arizona Cardinals and the rumors of Karlos Dansby and Jared Veldheer, who is expected to sign with the Cardinals as a free agent, the team is reportedly busy talking with many of their own soon-to-be free agents, according to  Fox Sports' Craig Morgan.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday he gives us this information:

Tight end Jeff King, who spent 2013 on injured reserve, is not yet ready to workout with teams. He is still recovering from December surgery. He is not expected to return to the Cardinals, as was expected.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby reportedly has interest from three teams -- the Cardinals (who have already made him a two-year contract offer), the Titans (this is not new) and the Browns. The sentiment? He will get paid, whether or not he returns.

There is sure to be more news all day today.