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Larry Fitzgerald talks about loss of Karlos Dansby and looking ahead at the offense for 2014

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Wednesday, courtesy of EAS Sports Nutrition and because of National Nutrition Month, I was able to speak with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald for the latest who on Revenge of the Birds Radio.

Listen to the full interview with the streaming player above or below, or download it directly using this link.

Fitz said that the start of the new league year with free agency is not as exciting for him as it is for the media and the fans that are constantly hungry for NFL and team news. It is simply part of the business.

When he was asked about the loss of Andre Roberts and Karlos Dansby, he was very happy for them. He was definitely glad that they were able to secure large contracts for them and their families. He was, though, sad that Dansby left. "I really wish we could have kept him," he said, also indicating that "that's a big void" that Dansby leaves behind.

He praised Carson Palmer for his toughness and his play, saying it was just what the team needed at the position. He is also very excited about the offense in 2014, as he believes that they should be able to pick up right were they left off the second half of 2013.

I asked him about Andre Ellington and he said that he believes that he can be one of the league's top backs. he also said that getting a player like Veldheer is great, as left tackle is "the most coveted position outside of quarterback."

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