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Jared Veldheer talks to local radio about his journey to Arizona, more

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He gave two radio interviews after signing his new contract.


Fresh off of signing his new five-year, $35 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals, left tackle Jared Veldheer was introduced to the media and then hit the media rounds on local radio, appearing as a guest on Fox Sports Radio 910 and Arizona Sports 98.7.

With Mike Jurecki and Jody Oehler on Fox Sports Radio 910, he explained a little bit about why he decided to join the Cardinals. He said that the Cardinals front office was very aggressive and quick to lay out their team's plan and how Veldheer could be an important part of a team "on the cusp" to improve any more and do even bigger things.

He spoke about his nickname "The Hulk" and even said that, if it were necessary, he could possibly rip out a telephone pole out of the ground.

Here is the audio, either via direct download or using the player below.

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On Arizona Sports 98.7 with Dan Bickley and Vince Marotta (direct link here), he also talked about his arrival.

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He was asked what put it over the top for him in his decision to join Arizona, and Veldheer said it was the opportunity to be a key piece of a team that could do something big.

He was surprised that the Raiders didn't franchise him, but as noted in the previous interview, he is looking forward.

He talked about how Carson Palmer likes to have fun with his linemen and what he enjoys doing off the field.

As for his strengths, he said that his a complete player -- a run blocker and a pass blocker. He said "it's fun when you can maul your guy into the ground."

He explained his "Hulk" picture on the Internet, saying it was after a hard workout. He has not killed anything with his bare hands, as he was asked by the radio hosts.

He is a well-spoken man who knows all the right things to say. We will see if his play matches his talk.