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NFL free agent tracker, Day 4

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Your open thread to keep up with everything today.


The Arizona Cardinals keep working. They nabbed Ted  Ginn on Thursday. They have Antonio Cromartie continuing to visit today. As the week winds down, you have to imagine that the movement does as well. As such, this will be the last open thread for free agency. Things should start slowing down.

Is there anyone else that the Cardinals needs to target? About the only position that they haven't really looked at is safety, where there are some questions. That probably means they are confident they can find someone on the cheap later, or it could mean that they have Yeremiah Bell in their back pocket. I don't think they are ready to just say that Tony Jefferson is the guy. They haven't done that with any of their young players except Jonathan Cooper and Tyrann Mathieu...and Andre Ellington, but even there they keep adding guys to the mix.

Once again, here is the Twitter feed. I will retweet news as I run across it. You can comment on all of it or post what you run across, too, as it is an open thread.