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ROTB Roundtable: Karlos Dansby, Free Agent Moves, and O-line Predictions

With the first week of Free Agency underway, the Cardinals find themselves surrounded by newly raised questions.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The ROTB Writing Staff took their swing at answering three of these.

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1) How do you think Karlos Dansby's departure will affect the team?

Jesse Reynolds: Yes, his leadership will be missed and his play in the field won't be easily matched however I think it was the right decision.

Randy Fields: I think the team will have some decrease in LB play in the middle until his replacement gets up to speed, but I strongly believe Dansby excelled in this system and turned it into a huge payday. Let's compare his stats next year to this year and see if the same Dolphin's affect happens.

Jess Root: I think I've been clear in several instances. I think the defense takes a step back. Washington plus Dansby is potentially special. Washington and Minter I think can be very good, but not special. And for a team looking to win now with an elite defense, they needed special. The hope is that the offense can make up the lost defensive impact.

2) What is your initial reaction to the Cardinals free agent moves thus far?

Jesse Reynolds: Awesome. Signing Veldeer and keeping Shaughanessey and Rucker is a good start. I look forward to seeing what other guys the Cardinals pick up on one year deals.

Randy Fields: Great moves! I'm incredibly happy about Veldheer! It's the first great LT we've had in as long as I've been a Cardinals fan (going on 10 years). I completely understand letting Roberts walk, but I think he'd have been better in the new offense with Palmer getting better protection this year and a better run game.

Jess Root: What's not to like, other than (for some) letting Dansby go? They have gotten good contracts, nabbed their left tackle, added depth on the offensive and defensive lines, added a veteran running back. They put themselves in a position to not have to rely on young players. They will play if they excel.

3) Any early off-season predictions as to what the O-line will look like at the start of the season?

Jesse Reynolds: Veldheer, Cooper, Sendlein, Watford, Massie.

Randy Fields: Veldheer, Cooper, Sendlein, Watford, Massie/Sewell (Duking it out through camp).

Jess Root: Veldheer, Cooper, Sendlein, Watford and Sowell. I have a sneaky feeling that Arians will go with Sowell over Massie. Massie won't make the team because of only being able to play one position. If Winston comes back, then plug him in and put Sowell on the bench.