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3/15 Arizona Cardinals news: No Antonio Cromartie -- yet

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Your Saturday roundup of Cardinals and NFL news.

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There was no new news on cornerback Antonio Cromartie on Friday, much to the chagrin of many Arizona Cardinals fans. One writer reminds us, however, that with general manager Steve Keim, these things can take time.


Cardinals Blogs | In the wake of the free agency week
I know many were hoping for Antonio Cromartie free agent news but there isn’t any. Until he signs somewhere though, I wouldn’t rule out the Cardinals. Again, if he comes, it’ll be on the Cards’ terms. Beyond that, I think the Cards will keep looking at options but the market is going to be a buyer’s market now. That’s right up Steve Keim’s alley.

Somers: No movement on Cardinals, Cromartie
It was unlikely that Cromartie, released by the Jets, was going to strike a deal quickly with the Cardinals. Under General Manager Steve Keim, the Cardinals have shown patience in free agency, preferring to sign players after the market settles.

Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald flies in F-16
Fitz took to the skies this week -- much higher than his usual three feet off the grass while jumping for a 50-50 ball. Here are photos of Larry and the F-16.

Cardinals sign WR Ted Ginn Jr., host visit by CB Antonio Cromartie | FOX Sports on MSN
"Since the time I walked in the building the coaches and front office have been eager to have me sign on the dotted line," Ginn told the team's official web site. "It's a great fit for me. They needed what I needed."

Paying Daryl Washington a good risk for Arizona Cardinals - ESPN
TEMPE, Ariz. -- It’s hard to forget about $10 million, but flying below the radar of free agency on Tuesday was the option bonus the Arizona Car

Breaking down new Cards’ contracts - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN
TEMPE, Ariz. -- With free agency in full gear, the news about the Arizona Cardinals' signings has been coming in steady. Here is a breakdown of a few

After first week, Arizona Cardinals 'winning' free agency - ESPN
TEMPE, Ariz. -- The NFL isn't a league where everyone gets a medal or a ribbon and a juicebox just for participating. There are winners and loser...


Draft Numerology, NFC West -
With the same pick, you might get Drew Brees or you might get Patrick Ramsey. That might be the best way to sum up the NFL Draft.

Brandin Cooks, 2014 WR draft prospect, Google Hangout with Mile High Report - Mile High Report
Join us for a Google Hangout with 2014 draft prospect wide receiver Brandin Cooks at 4:00 p.m. Mile High time Friday, March 14th.

2014 NFL free agency grades: Golden Tate, Darrelle Revis top second wave of signings -
NFL teams didn't slow down much after a wild first day of free agency. Jason Chilton grades the moves from day two and three, from winners like Revis to more poor choices in Dallas and Oakland.

The Notebook: Timmy Jernigan has the power -
The Florida State defensive tackle powered through college football, but it'll take more than muscle to make it at the next level. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White takes a closer look at Jernigan's future in the pros.