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Twitter conversation between Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cormartie might not mean anything after all

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A source tells PFT that nothing is going on.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon was made a little more exciting for Arizona Cardinals fans with an interesting conversation on Twitter that suggested that it wouldn't be long until Cormartie signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

However, Pro Football Talk jumped in to metaphorically rain those fans' parade.

According to PFT's source close to the situation, "nothing [is] happening" between the Cardinals and Cromartie, an almost-30-year old free agent cornerback.

Of course, we have seen Twitter antics before, as recently Darnell Dockett tweeted on two different occasions that Branden Albert would be a Cardinal and that Karlos Dansby would stick around.

Then again, "nothing happening" doesn't mean nothing will happen.

So, once again, Cardinals fans are simply left to wait and speculate. Will Cromartie sign? Should the team sign him? What role will he play? Whom will he replace? Will anyone be cut?

In other words, as you were. There is nothing here to see, apparently...or maybe there is.