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Get ready for another ROTB Radio show, all about free agency

Seth and I will be on the air at 10PM Arizona time.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of free agency is complete and the Arizona Cardinals made many moves. They saw three of their own free agents sign elsewhere and one retire. They signed several players as well.

Seth and I will be on the air 10 PM Arizona time for the latest Revenge of the Birds Radio show talking free agency. We will react to the signings and where they fit.

We will grade the moves, the contracts and talk about guys that could still be targeted or those that could still return.

If you want to listen in live, please do so using this link. You could even call in and hear yourself on the air or on the podcast thereafter -- call 646-478-3787. If you want to say something or ask something, leave me a message ahead of time at 480-409-1727.

Again, make sure to be listening tonight , get your comments on before or during the show on the show!