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ROTB Roundtable: Cornerbacks, Free Agent Interests, and Most Accomplished Team

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With the 2014 Free Agency period now in its second week, the Cardinals have an abundance of questions left answering.

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The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these.

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1) What is your ideal situation for the Cornerback position?

Randy Fields: They need someone with some coverage skills and drafting someone in the 1st or 2nd might be the best way to do that. The rest of free agency is pretty thin.

Jesse Reynolds: The free agent market looks barren and after watching a lot of film on the CBs for this year's draft the CB I like the most is actually undersized. Jason Verrett is tenacious, aggressive and plays very good man coverage. He was often left on an island and did a great job in coverage. His size is an issue though at miniscule 5'9. The free agent market doesn't offer much promise either. At this point I would draft a CB and avoid the FA market unless we can sign some guys for cheap 1-year deals.

Alex Mann: If we could land Cromartie that would be nice, but the likelihood seems slim, now that there's been very little chatter. Mike Jenkins could be a valuable signing, and we will see if Arizona can reel him in. If Free Agency does not pan out, there are several corners in the draft who will be there at 20 that could be excellent long term solutions.

Jess Root: The ideal situation would be to grab one more depth signing and to draft one high who can play right away. Cromartie? I don't know. His old team isn't being too aggressive to get him, which tells you something.

2) Are there any Free Agents still on the market that you'd be interested in the team bringing in?

Randy Fields: I know it sounds crazy, but if Keim could work out some 1-year deals I like the following: Jared Allen (2-3 years), LeGarette Blount (1 year - I just like the idea of him crushing on the goal line), Miles Austin, Kevin Williams (1-year rotational DT), Brian De La Puente (Give Sendlein some push at Center), and finally Owen Daniels (he's been a great TE).

Jesse Reynolds: No, but not because I do not like what is available but because most of the players I am unfamiliar with to be honest. We need safety depth so if we can get someone like DeCoud or Clemens cheap I would take that.

Alex Mann: I am interested in Miles Austin, who when healthy, has been a big playmaker for the Cowboys. Blount is an interesting prospect, but unless Keim has begun to lose favor in Williams, I expect no more backs to be signed. Jared Allen, if he's on the market later in free agency, could be an exceptional signing.

Jess Root: At this point, it would mostly be filling depth, so no one really jumps out at me. I am not too sold on Antonio Cromartie, so I'm not jumping up and down for him.

3) In your opinion, which team has had the most successful Free Agency so far?

Randy Fields: Denver has spent a lot of money on some high profile players. Let's see if it pays off! They're all in this year to win! But I love that the Cardinals were able to get the LT of today AND tomorrow, and that he's a proven commodity. This is so huge following what we've seen previously. It might be a small move when compared to all of which has happened in free agency, but as far as impact, this one move is HUGE.

Jesse Reynolds: This is hard to judge as generally the more active the team is in FA the worse I think they did. Such as with Denver, I do not think they were smart this off-season signing guys with the reckless abandon of a drunk teenager with a no-limit credit card. I think the Bears have made some nice moves, signing Houston and retaining some of their top talent. Carolina lost a lot of talent and it will be interesting to see if they remain competitive next year.

Alex Mann: That would have to be the team who is set to win now, and will be in Cap hell in two years. Ladies and Gentlemen... The Broncos. Elway wants to win now, and all of his signings put a team with very little cap space this season, into cap space hell in two seasons. We shall see if it works out.

Jess Root: I think the prohibitive favorite is Denver, although it will be interesting to see how they deal with their future when the cap hits go up. Nonetheless, they have gotten some solid players, especially on defense, to bolster their already championship-caliber team.