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NFL free agency 2014: Salary cap update, Mike Jenkin visits, Javier Arenas to Falcons, Cason gets interest, Cromartie not

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Catching you up with what is going on around the the Cardinals in free agency.

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Donald Miralle

While the Arizona Cardinals didn't sign anyone on Tuesday, there was some movement and information around the team.

To start, the team still has some room with the salary cap. According to the NFLPA, with 67 players under contract (although the salary cap only counts the top 51), Arizona is a little over $8.1 million under the cap. They will get additional cap relief after June 1, when Daryn Colledge's contract is off the books, although the Cardinals will need about $4.2 million in cap space for their rookie pool.

The team brought in cornerback Mike Jenkins for a visit on Tuesday. The team's interest in Jenkins has been out there for a while. According to Mike Jurecki, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles likes his speed, versatility and skill set.

As for Antonio Cromartie, he might be finding a tougher time finding his price. Apparently the Jets, despite desperately needing corner help, are not being very aggressive with Cromartie.

Arizona still only has four cornerbacks on their roster.

While that was happening, Javier Arenas agreed to terms with the Atlanta Falcons. The Cardinals had not shown interest in his returning.

According to Mike Garofolo,the Carolina Panthers have some interest in cornerback Antoine Cason, who played for the Cardinals in 2013. According to Kent Somers, the Cardinals have shown no interest in re-signing Cason.