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2014 NFL odds: Vegas doesn't like Arizona Cardinals any better after free agency moves

Despite a franchise left tackle and keeping some continuity on defense, the odd remain the same.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

After the season, Las Vegas already set some odds for which team will win next year's Super Bowl. Before free agency began, the Arizona Cardinals were given 33/1 odds of being the world champions.

After the first week of free agency, guess what? The Cardinals are in exactly the same spot, despite adding a franchise left tackle. Bovada has the Cardinals still at 33/1.

It is definitely a change to even be anywhere in the conversation, but it appears that the other teams in the division make it harder for Vegas to improve the team's odds, despite the clear improvement in one of the team's most glaring needs for years.

Seattle, who was the odds-on favorite is still at the top, but their odds dropped from 9/2 to 6/1 because of free agency -- losing Red Bryant and Golden Tate.

Denver's odds improved a little, going from 8/1 to 7/1, as they have been adding players like crazy.

The 49ers remain at 15/2 and the Rams hold at 40/1.

At 33/1, would you make that bet on the Cardinals, and should their odds improve based on their moves over the last week?