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How good can the Arizona Cardinals secondary be?

With the addition of Cromartie they have some very, very talented players back there.

The Arizona Cardinals have a pretty stacked cornerback position right now. With Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie, they essentially have two number one cover guys. Once Tyrann Mathieu recovers from his knee injury, he is also special in the slot.

The safety position is still a little bit up in the air because Yeremiah Bell is a free agent, Mathieu has his injury and then, outside of Rashad Johnson, they have some unproven players.

Nonetheless, even with uncertainty at safety, you have to like the corners.

In a conference call with the media on Thursday, Steve Keim explained what there is to look forward to.

"When you look at the big picture and see our defensive backfield now and you look at guys like Patrick (Peterson) and Tyrann (Mathieu), and now Antonio (Cromartie), you have three ballhawks who have the ability to make big plays after the catch and guys that can do special things after the interception," he said.

Keim talked about the fit in defensive coordinator Todd Bowles' system and how he will be able to use the defensive front to pressure opposing offenses more because of the ability of the corners to play man press coverage. Both Peterson and Cromartie are good enough to line up against a receiver and almost not worry about him.

It will be interesting to see how different the defense will look on the field as a result.

Even with perceived issues at safety at the present time, the defensive backfield is in good shape.

It might not be the Legion of Boom, but maybe it could become the No Fly Zone, as Mathieu already called the group on Twitter.