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Jared Veldheer talks to PFT Live about free agency, ribs, playing center and more

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Catching up with some of the Cardinals and what they are saying in their interviews.

It was a few days ago, but Arizona Cardinals left tackle and recent free agent signee Jared Veldheer was on PFT Live and spoke with Mike Florio. They talked about many things, including free agency, what he ate leading up to the free agent period, playing center for the Raiders, his decision to come to the Cardinals and more.

He said that leading up to the free agency period, he spent the day preparing and eating a rack of ribs.

Carson Palmer talked to him about coming to Arizona, but didn't do much.

Veldheer played some center in high school and as a result, the Raiders used him as a rookie at center a little bit -- a 6-8 center. Veldheer is glad he plays tackle now. He said it was hard trying to block 6-1 defensive tackles with his frame.

He talked about the Cardinals as an organization committed to winning, that some of the positives included its work in the community and that fact that it is a well run family business. Now we know the Cardinals are active in the community, but for those who have been a fan of the team since the 90s, you almost take a step back and pause hearing about how the team is committed to winning or that it is a very nice family business.

He called Tamba Hali probably the best pass rusher he has ever faced, but then again, he did admit AFC West bias (which makes sense, because he had to face Hali twice a year). He mentioned Robert Quinn specifically when asked about the pass rushers in the NFC West.

Watch the interview and react. Note: There are some video glitches where the interview jumps back and repeats itself. I didn't do it.