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Point-counterpoint on what the Arizona Cardinals did wrong in free agency

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Jess Root wrote an article on what the Arizona Cardinals did wrong in Free Agency. Here is my counterpoint to that, not necessarily what they did right, just what I think of his views.

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First off I want to point out that Jess Root wrote a wonderful article here, He is offering a fair and balanced point of view of free agency from a different vantage point than our slightly biased view of everything . That being said, here is my opinion on the points he brings up.

Problem Number 1 (because we are in 'Murica)

Would I have wanted to keep Karlos Dansby this year? Absolutely. He was a playmaker and the heart and soul of the D this year. That being said, I like that Steve Keim had a number that he could afford and stuck to it. That is hard to do this of of credit cards being maxed out and house payments people can't afford.

Cleveland is the team that just got a new credit card and maxed it out immediately, but Keim plans for things. Honestly, listening to Dansby on the radio after he left, it seriously sounded like he never even approached the Cardinals to match the offer. Either way, I don't really know that I want someone on our team that wants the money more than winning because Cleveland may not win as many games in his four-year contract than he won with us last year.

Problem Number 2

Now this is nit-picky at its finest. You got a LT ( a glaring hole in your team for years) for a reasonable contract and 5 years keeping that side of the line intact for at least 4 years, barring major injury....but.... who is going to play on the right side? Well, so far, I know of two tackles with at least 10 games under their belt in Nate Potter and Bobby Massie. Let them duke it out and I believe we now have three guards on the team for the last position. Sometimes you have to let battles in camp happen. This is one of those positions.

Problem Number 3

If he sucks, you have him on a one-year deal. If he is good, you win a lot of games. What have you lost besides the $3 million of cap space no one was expecting this year?

Problem Number 4

Ted Ginn's contract is mostly base salary, and most of it is for the last two years. If they cut him this coming year, the dead money is only $2.5 million of the $6.5 million he is left owed. (source) So if it doesn't work out, then we can cut him with little loss.

Problem Number 5

Criticizing Feely's return was nit-picky. A kicker is a kicker is a kicker. It's not like there were options out there and, if it's really that much of a need, spend a 6th round pick on one (instead of a seventh).

So to sum it all up, every team goes through a transition every year, losing players and having new ones step up to the plate. Now is the time for Kevin Minter to step up. That is what good teams do. Cardinals, In my eyes, it's time to grow up.