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How long will Daryl Washington be suspended?

The Cardinals, Washington and the fan base know it's coming, but how long could the star linebacker be out?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's a simple question really, but one that has to be asked, and unfortunately answered and for the sake of the Arizona Cardinals, hopefully that answer comes soon.

When Washington plead guilty to assault, it became apparent that the Cardinals would have to pay for Washington's mistake, so I decided to do a little research on the history of the personal conduct policy and how that could impact the Cardinals going forward.

According to all the research I could find on the subject, there have been 10 players suspended due to the conduct policy (this could be off because some are listed as conduct policy some are listed as their felony or misdemeanor offense).

Adam Jones -- multiple times
Chris Henry -- eight games
Terry "Tank" Johnson -- eight games
Michael Vick
Donte Stallworth
Ben Roethlisberger -- six games reduced to four
Vincent Jackson -- three games
Cedric Benson -- three games
Aaron Berry -- two games
Kenny Britt -- one game

Of those suspended, the felons were (if Daryl Washington is indeed charged with a Felony six):

Johnson (plead down to misdemeanor)
Vick (we're all familiar with this one)

The rest of the notorious group were DUI's, so there is a blurred line on whether it's really player conduct or the substance abuse, but they were filed under player conduct, so that's how the numbers came out.

There's one thing to look at though, outside of the felonies, and that's Cedric Benson.

Benson was charged with misdemeanor assault and received three games.

While this isn't the same as Washington, it is within the same realm of charges, and if Washington's charge is reduced is very similar.

If Washington does receive a felony six, the lowest number of games suspended from that group was eight.

If Washington is reduced, well then it goes up in the air.

Mike Jurecki has stated he only sees Washington getting 1-2 games.

I believe it'll be eight games with a possible reduction.

What are your thoughts?