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Arizona Cardinals free agency work ranked 5th in NFL

They have had the best offseason of the division


The Arizona Cardinals have not had the best offseason in the league in free agency...but they have had one of the best, says SB Nation's Jason Childon. In a recent article that ranked the NFL teams from one to 32 for their work in free agency, the Cards were fifth, having one of the best free agency periods.

Ahead of them were the Tampa Bay Buccaneeers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants and Denver Broncos.

:The league's most perennially putrid left tackle position may have finally gotten its man in ex-Raider Jared Veldheer, much to Carson Palmer's delight. A return to form for cornerback Antonio Cromartie would form an outstanding tandem with Patrick Peterson. Ted Ginn's afterburners should be a fine complement to Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. The linebacking corps took a hit with the loss of all-around stud Karlos Dansby, but on the whole the Cardinals took a strong step forward."

Now for some divisional perspective -- the rest of the division was seen as having among the worst free agent periods.

The Rams were ranked 26th, the 49ers were 28th and the Seahawks ranked 30th.

Is that something to be excited about? For now. Winning the offseason does not mean winning in the regular season.

But, while some might scoff at the thought of "winning the offseason" or "winning free agency," even if it doesn't translate to wins on the field, it does feel better than not winning the offseason.