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2014 NFL free agency: Arizona Cardinals in negotiations with Matt Shaughnessy

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The key run-stuffing cog hopefully will return.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Many Arizona Cardinals fans would love to see the return of defensive end/outside linebacker Matt Shaughnessy. The Arizona Cardinals would like him back too, based on a report from Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers wrote on Tuesday.

"(The Cardinals) are actively trying to re-sign him," Shaughnessy's agent Richard Rosa said. "He wants to be there, so we'll see how it goes."

Shaughnessy previous to 2013 had played 4-3 defensive end. He converted to play OLB in Arizona and, while he did not put a massive year statisically (three sacks and 36 total tackles), he was a big part of the league's number one rushing defense.

It is good to finally see that there is some action taking place regarding the team's own free agents. Shaughnessy was a very important piece.

He signed last offseason for one season and $850,000. and likely wishes to earn much more than that.

We have about a week to see if the Cardinals can get more of their own free agents. How much do you want Shaughnessy back?