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Arizona Cardinals free agents 2014: Why Larry Fitzgerald wants Frostee Rucker back

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The veteran defensive lineman was a key locker room guy, says the star receiver.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, one of the guys that the team could take care of because of his contract restructure is veteran defensive lineman Frostee Rucker.

He was mentioned with Patrick Peterson and Karlos Dansby, despite being only a rotational player on defense who typically got 10-15 snaps a game.

Fitz explained why Rucker's name was included in a Josh Weinfuss ESPN post.

Rucker didn't have "gaudy numbers," (he had a total of 14 tackles and an interception -- and a sack that was taken away and credited to John Abraham ), but it is his presence in the locker room and the fact he "busts his ass every day" and the fact "you couldn't ask for a better teammate."

Fitz cites that Rucker gets along with lots of different players and that, being "a glue guy," he also is a player to address locker room issues.

Fitz was careful to say that was his own opinion and that he didn't know what the team was thinking, but he is right.

Rucker is a talented player who was a starter in Cleveland in 2012. But he became the type of player that Vonnie Holliday was the two previous seasons -- a professional, a great teammate and a rotational player.

One thing that many fans overlook is the need for "glue guys" on a team and respected veterans -- regardless of starting status. They are examples to the younger players and keep the family (the one in the locker room) functioning well.

The question is -- what price is worth a guy like that. Rucker made $840,000 in 2013. Would he play for that little this season?

If it were up to Fitz, probably not.