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ROTB Roundtable: Free Agency, Fitz's Contract, and the Combine

After a brief hiatus, the Roundtable is back!

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The Writing Staff gave their take on three questions surrounding the team.

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1) What do you think the Cardinals' goals should be for the upcoming Free Agency period?

Jesse Reynolds: I liked the plan last year and from what I have read from the Darren Urban on the Cardinals website the Cardinals will approach this off season the same way. Take it or leave it deals, bargain shopping towards training camp. My free agent goals are simple, I would like to sign one of the better LT tackles on the market but I do not think we need top tier talent or should overpay for it. Just upgrade the position and hope we draft someone better. After that I hope we can resign some key players (Dansby, Shaunessey, etc), extend Peterson if there is cap room and find those bargain deals. I do not see a need for a big name free agent to be brought in, again unless it's a bargain.

Jess Root: I think you have to put co-number ones tackle and Karlos Dansby. After that, defensive line depth and defensive back depth. If they could get a starting caliber safety, that would be great. That way they aren't pigeonholed into having to draft any particular position.

AndyStandsUp: LT seems to be an abundant and easily attainable position for teams this offseason. I'm going to throw a wrench in this and guess the team won't like the numbers coming in, and only acquisition they make will be a late one, ala RT Winston or strictly through draft. We'll find out soon enough.

2) Any thoughts on Larry Fitzgerald's restructured contract from last month?

Jesse Reynolds: Torn. Fitzgerald is a great Cardinal, athlete and person. The guy is a role model but he is getting paid elite QB money as a WR. No non-QB should be paid as much as he is getting. His contract is slowly strangling the Cardinals salary cap and if he does not have a "Fitzgerald-esk" season it should be his last. If he plays out of his mind next year than it makes the huge payout he is due next year bearable.

Jess Root: Nothing other than what already has been said. He did what needed to be done and he got his money more quickly. His contract becomes an issue a season from now, so it will have to be addressed again, even if the salary cap will increase again and perhaps they could absorb the hit.

AndyStandsUp: Fitz has always been about the money and even though he restructured - he's not going on government assistance any time soon - he'll get his benjamins.
I like the guy, love what he does off and on the field philosophy-wise, but he hurts the team financially with his contract. At some point, it's going to bite him.

3) Did anyone in particular catch your eye in the combine?

Jesse Reynolds: Aaron Donald may turn out to be one of the best players of the draft. He has production and freaky athletic ability for his position. I think he would be a killer replacement for Dockett. Even though he doesn't play a position of dire need for the Cardinals I would scope him with the 20th pick if I could. Thankfully I do not have to make draft choices for the Cardinals.

Jess Root: I was really impressed by the athleticism of Taylor Lewan and Joel Bitonio. Justin Gilbert also made me wish he would fall to Arizona, but made me think he will be long gone. Other than that, I try not to get too excited over the Combine, although I like when the measurables match the game tape.

AndyStandsUp: Working a monstrous schedule lately so, didn't see the "underwear Olympics" nor tape them. Read a lotta mocks though, and I wouldn't be surprised to see DT/DL Hageman or Donald selected at 20. Something has to be done with Dockett and I'm assuming sooner rather than later.