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NFL free agents 2014: Could Champ Bailey be a good fit at safety for Arizona Cardinals?

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The Hall of Fame lock is hitting the market.

Doug Pensinger

One of the needs that the Arizona Cardinals have is to upgrade at safety, especially in ability to cover tight ends. There is suddenly a Hall of Fame caliber player that possibly could fit the bill -- Champ Bailey.

The Denver Broncos are going to release Bailey and save the team the $10 million salary cap hit it would cost to keep him around.

Now, while he has played his entire career at cornerback, there is some speculation that perhaps a move to safety would be a smart move for him. In the right situation, Bailey has said that he would change positions.

Would Arizona be that "right situation?"

It isn't unprecedented. Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams switched from corner to safety when he went to the Rams. Charles Woodson did the same thing.

At 35, Bailey isn't the player he once was, but one thing that is certain is that he has cover skills. He is a leader. He does not want to retire. At safety, he could fix the tight end coverage problems that plagued the Cardinals defense in 2013.

There are questions about his durability after the injuries he suffered last season and how much he would want to be paid.

However, he would probably be a great fit here. He would upgrade the position. He would be a fantastic mentor for Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu (even though Peterson doesn't necessarily need a mentor, but when you can get a Hall of Fame type player on your defense, it seems like a no-brainer).

There is speculation that he could end his career closer to his home in Georgia. That is certainly possible. However, with the team and defense in Arizona and his having played in the West his whole career, that doesn't have to be am obstacle.

The Arizona locker room has some good veterans in Darnell Dockett, John Abraham and (hopefully) Karlos Dansby. Bailey should fit right in and would garner respect from Day 1.

So what say you, Cardinals fans? If it becomes a possibility, would Champ Bailey be the right guy at the back of the defense?