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Arizona Cardinals free agents 2014: Pleading for a tight end

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Jesse Reynolds makes the case for focusing on the tight end position.


From time to time, I get requests to appear on different radio shows and podcasts. In this case, I was unable to, but Jesse Reynolds was. He appeared on the Fantasy Sports Network "Roto Rob" podcast on Wednesday as they were talking all about the NFC West and the offseason needs of each team.

Jesse's appearance begins at about the 73-minute mark.

He talks about the need for better play at tight end and criticizes Ron Housler, who was probably the team's biggest disappointment after he was tabbed by so many to be the season's big breakout player.

Check out what Jesse had to say and, if you want, listen to the full 90 minutes. Again, Jesse's appearance is at the 73-minute mark.

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You can also download the episode directly with this link.