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Arizona Cardinals announce stadium upgrades

Is this what you want in terms of improvements?

Christian Petersen

As noted on the team's official website, the Arizona Cardinals have announced that the team is making some changes to University of Phoenix Stadium to improve the in-game experience for fans that attend the game live.

There will be new videoboards for next season.

"At the south end of the stadium you will see an incredible, visually-stunning, high-definition LED board that is more than three times the size of the current one and with 75% higher resolution," Bidwill wrote to season ticket holders. "As part of this initial phase of stadium upgrades, the north end will now feature a scoreboard that is triple the current size."

The announcement makes mention of upgrading the Wi-Fi as well.

For those fans that attend games at the stadium, what do you think? Is this what you want to see improved when you are at the game?

Are there other things you wish to see? Does the addition of new videoboards keep the stadium as "world-class," as the organization would like to keep it?