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Arizona Cardinals offseason chat with Kent Somers

The local reporter held a Google hangout. Hear the answers to questions you might have.

Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers held a live online chat, taking questions about the Arizona Cardinals the other day.

Using a Google Hangout, it allowed me to embed the chat here (although I apologize about the auto-loading video -- I couldn't turn that off).

Since Kent is highly respected here for his work reporting about the Cardinals, it would only make sense that you all would like to know what he had to say.

So here it is. Listen to the questions he takes from readers all over -- even in Alaska. He fields questions about the draft (which he really can't answer as a reporter -- the team hasn't even finished their draft board), Ryan Williams, John Lott and about everything else.

If you weren't listening live, listen to it now and use the comment section to react to what Somers had to say.