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Arizona Cardinals contenders for NFC West title after 'splashy' offseason moves

A Seattle writer expects Arizona to be very much in the mix.

Christian Petersen

2013 proved that the Arizona Cardinals were just a little behind the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers as a team. They did, though, go into Seattle and give the Seahawks their first loss there in two seasons. However, after the offseason moves the Cardinals have made, a writer for a Seattle newspaper is ready to put Arizona in contention with the defending Super Bowl champs for the division title in 2014.

Seattle Times writer Jayson Jenks described the Cardinals' offseason transactions as 'splashy.'

He feels that Arizona is in a position to compete for the divisional title, saying that they have taken steps forward.

The Cardinals added some bigger names, but the most important addition is Veldheer, who fills a void at left tackle that has plagued the organization for years. The Cardinals should be contenders for the NFC West title.

At the same time, he also writes that the 49ers should also contend, whatever that's worth. He doesn't write that about the Seahawks, but being the Super Bowl champs, that goes without saying.

I know it is easy to get excited about the Cardinals' offseason. Thus far, it seems to have been a successful one. However, there are still holes to fill.

Are the moves the Cards have made good enough to put the team over the top?