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2014 NFL mock draft: Johnny Manziel falls, lands with Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals could land the biggest star of the draft if the quarterbacks fall.

Yes, we have yet another mock draft. These aren't necessarily our dead set predictions, but rather scenarios that could happen, and a way to see how these scenarios could play out.

In the latest mock draft by SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn, the quarterbacks of the draft take an unexpected slide and none of the four expected to be drafted in the first round (Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel and Derek Carr) are taken in the first five selections and only one goes in the top 10, and it is the Browns trading down from fourth to eighth to take Bortles as the first QB off the board.

The next signal caller to get drafted isn't until number 19, when the Jaguars trade up to take Bridgewater.

At number 20 for the Cardinals? Johnny Manziel is sitting right there and Arizona snatches him up.

With Bridgewater off the board, the ESPN cameras would be glued to Johnny Manziel. The drama shouldn't last long, though. Manziel grades out high enough to be a top-10 pick in the NFL Draft. But like Bridgewater, Manziel is a polarizing prospect. You may not think Manziel fits the Bruce Arians mold at quarterback, but while Johnny Football is on the short side, he definitely can handle a vertical passing attack. His aggressive mentality and unique skill set is too much to pass up here. Manziel is the type of player teams could regret passing on in a few years.

With Carson Palmer already established as the starter, it will make Bruce Arians do something he isn't accustomed to doing with a rookie quarterback -- sit him a year. So while getting a player who might have more of an impact in 2014, they couldn't pass on perhaps the most exciting player in college football.

Will that translate to the pros? That's another question.

But if you can get your QB of the future, you have to do it.

What do you think of this scenario? Do you think that the Cards would pass on Manziel if he somehow still were available at 20?