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2014 NFL Draft: What if Aaron Donald is available at No. 20?

Although undersized, he could dominate for years.

One player that I haven't heard too much about in terms of being a possibility for the Arizona Cardinals in this year's NFL Draft is defensive tackle Aaron Donald out of Pitt.

Check out the scouting profile video above and hear what Matt Ufford says about him.

Donald was fantastic in his final season, then dominated the Senior Bowl and blew up the NFL Combine.

He is versatile enough to play nose tackle and could even play defensive end in the Cardinals' scheme, even though he is a little undersized. He is strong and he is a technician.

The only question is whether he will be available at number 20 for the Cardinals.

Ufford mentions the one knock being that he has a reputation of relaxing when the play isn't involving him. That's not good, but do you know who else has been guilty of that for much of his career? Darnell Dockett.

In a recent SB Nation mock, Donald goes top-5. I don't know if he will go that high, but there is a good chance he is not available when the Cardinals are on the clock.

But if he is, wouldn't he be a great pick? Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles believes that you can never have enough cornerbacks or defensive linemen. Donald could be a huge, disruptive force in Bowles' system, which utilizes the defensive line to make plays.