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2014 NFL Draft: Anthony Barr scouting profile video

The raw, talented pass rusher was compared to John Abraham by his college coach.

A pass rushing threat in college at UCLA, linebacker Anthony Barr is a player that perhaps will available for the Arizona Cardinals to select at number 20 overall.

He is new to the position still, having been recruited originally as a running back, but he has put up crazy numbers in his time in the Pac-12.

He has amazing physical tools, but his rawness could have him see a fall in the draft. Some say he will be a top 10 pick, whole others have him making it to the Cardinals at 20th overall. What is even crazier is the recent Todd McShay mock draft, with didn't have Barr getting drafted until the second round.

While he does need to add strength, his speed and quickness are undeniable. His old college coach compares him to John Abraham, which wouldn't be too bad a thing, considering the production Abraham still had at age 35. And Abraham would be a great player to work under.

Abraham, at 6-4, 263 is similar in size to Barr, who is 6-5, 255.

When the Cardinals pick, they should have a selection of players to choose from. If Barr is still available, could the Cardinals actually not select him?

How would you feel if Barr made it to the 20th pick overall?