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2014 NFL Draft: Carson Palmer hoping for more skill players

The starting quarterback is "selfish" and wants more weapons for the offense.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that most mock drafts have the Arizona Cardinals taking a defensive player or two with their top picks in this year's NFL draft. The team obviously would like to upgrade on both sides of the ball. However, if quarterback Carson Palmer were in charge of the draft, he would prefer the team focus on offense.

Palmer, in an interview that focused on his future and the possibility of the team drafting a quarterback (via the team's official site), selfishly wants more offensive weapons.

"Being selfish, I am hoping for offensive players," explained Palmer. "I feel good where we are offensive-line-wise but I'd love to see us add another skill player, wherever that is."

Another skill player -- a tight end or another receiver, perhaps?

Of course, as a quarterback, Palmer is always going to want more weapons. Ask any quarterback -- even if the choice is more protection or more weapons -- the answer will probably always be more weapons.

A tight end is certainly a possibility, as is a "burner" receiver. Many in the community are absolutely enamored with Andre Ellington's cousin, Bruce. you can see why in this video -- a 5-9 man doing a 360.

Will Palmer get his wish?

What offensive weapons do you think the Cardinals should target in the draft?