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Arizona Cardinals running game to look similar to 2013

OC Harold Goodwin doesn't expect many changes.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of excitement for the Arizona Cardinals running game, most especially for Andre Ellington. Head coach Bruce Arians even made it seem like Ellington would be the offensive piece to watch, suggesting he would get 30 touches a game -- "10 catches and 20 carries."

Now, that obviously was an exaggeration, but can we expect to see more of Ellington? Not necessarily, according to offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, who was a guest on Fox Sports Radio 910's The Drive with Mike Jurecki and Jody Oehler.

"I think it will be similar to last year," he said. "Obviously Andre brings a lot to the table and Jonathan Dwyer does as well. He was a guy we had in Pittsburgh when I was there who knows our offense and knows what we're looking for. So I think it''s going to be the same thing."

I have been pretty convicted this offseason in believing that Ellington will be used more or less like he was the last half of the season. This seems to go along with what Goodwin is saying. Dwyer now becomes Rashard Mendenhall, who becomes the main ball carrier -- the guy that gets the tough carries.

Interestingly enough, Goodwin never brings up Stepfan Taylor, if that means anything.

He did, though, bring up Ryan Williams. Then, when asked about what Williams has to do, Goodwin responded by saying, "he's got to earn his paycheck" and "he's going to have to bring it on the field." He noted that now, in the second year of the coaching staff, Williams and all the other backs know what is expected of them.

Goodwin says that the coaching staff is in a good spot with the running backs they have.

"It's going to be fun to watch those guys," he said. "The biggest thing, were in the position we can just watch guys compete. We're not nervous about one position or another."

After Arians' constant hyperbole, it is good to get answers that are more grounded.

Excited for the "new Cardinals offense featuring Andre Ellington?" Don't get too excited, as it will be more like a repeat of the 2013 second half offense. The one change? Rashard Mendenhall is changed out for Jonathan Dwyer.