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ROTB Roundtable: Strongest/Weakest Positions and QB's

The month of April is upon us!

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And with the fourth month comes draft talk. And I mean a lot of draft talk. So gear up for that. Meanwhile, the ROTB Writing Staff took on three questions surrounding the team.

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1) Post-Free Agency frenzy, what position do you think is the Cardinals biggest area of concern?

Jesse Reynolds: The Cardinals need a safety. Bell is gone and TM is hurt, leaving only Rashad Johnson as the lone available safety with starter experience.

Alex Mann: The biggest area of concern is safety. Right tackle has its questions, but if Massie comes in and returns to playing at a high level like he did the latter half of his rookie season, it can be settled.
Safety is the largest concern, mainly because there is a lot of inexperienced, raw talent. Tyrann Mathieu and Rashad Johnson would be our top two safeties in terms of experience, and Tony Jefferson having a little play time last year.

Jess Root: Actually, the biggest area of concern only mildly relates to free agency. It would be the likely loss of Daryl Washington to suspension. There is little depth at the position and the team lost its best player from a season ago. So while there are concerns at safety and on the right side of the offensive line, it has to be the potential loss of Washington.

2) On the flip side, what position do you think is the Cardinals strongest?

Jesse Reynolds: The Cardinals are yet again stacked at WR. Floyd had his coming out party last season and Fitzgerald is still a premier talent. Teddy Ginn isn't an elite talent but as a third WR he fits Arians offense perfectly.

Alex Mann: Cornerback and Runningback would be my top positions. If Cromartie is as healthy as he claims, the duo of he and Peterson could cause a lot of terror.
Runningback is second, mainly because of what we saw two of our rookies do last season, and our hopes for what they do this season.

Jess Root: It would be a tossup between receiver, running back and cornerback. Defensive line is there, but there still is not enough depth to be the greatest strength, as Alameda Ta'amu will still be out for a while.

3) It is only fitting to start off the first week of April with some draft talk. Do you think the Cardinals should draft a QB in this upcoming draft, and if so, who do you have in mind?

Jesse Reynolds: I read about a 6'4 dude who ran a 4.5 in Canada... I think the Cardinals will in the late rounds, looking to push Lindley for that final roster spot. I rumor has it that Aaron Murray may be a target.

Alex Mann: I doubt the draft one, but could see them pursuing one as soon as the draft ends.

Jess Root: Honestly, if we aren't drafting a guy early, then it really doesn't matter a ton. Any guy after the top four guys will be someone that needs to sit and learn and will be somewhat of a project. I am not enamored with anyone after Derek Carr. There are things I like about Mettenberger and Aaron Murray, but there are concerns as well.