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NFL offseason workouts: Arizona Cardinals begin phase 1, players react, workout bonuses

The official beginning of football workouts begin on a voluntary basis today.


Today, April 21 begins the official and voluntary beginning to the beginning of football workouts. The Arizona Cardinals begin Phase 1 of their offseason workouts.

Phase 1 is two weeks and has the following restrictions:

Players can take part in strength and conditioning or rehabilitation activities. No coaches can be present except for designated strength and conditioning coaches. No footballs may be used except if quarterbacks would like to practice throwing with wide receivers, in which case the receivers must be unguarded.

Again, this is voluntary work. However, with a new strength and conditioning coach in Buddy Morris, hopefully participation is high.

There are some players that are excited to get started. Here are some tweets from the weekend.

Now, there is a reason for many players to show up for offseason workouts -- money. Many have workout bonuses built into their contracts.

18 players on the team will make anywhere between $10,000 and $250,000 for participating in the workouts. Here is a look at the players and numbers:

$250,000: Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett, Calais Campbell, Drew Stanton

$150,000: Lyle Sendlein, Rashad Johnson, Lorenzo Alexander

$125,000: Matt Shaughnessy

$100,000: Daryl Washington

$65,000: Jay Feely

$50,000: Ryan Williams, Dan Williams, Tyran Mathieu,

$25,000: Dave Zastudil, Rob Housler, Ted Larsen, Mike Leach

$10,000: Marcus Benard