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Need vs Best Player Available.....

Looking into what the Cardinals may be doing in this years NFL Draft......(is it May yet)

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals 2006 season was an interesting one to say the least. (Ahem). After drafting Matt Leinart with the 10th overall pick in the draft and signing Edgerrin James to a $30 million contract, it all boiled down to a 5-11 record and yet another new head coach. It also was yet another year we got to look ahead to a top-5 draft pick. It is sad that is all we had to look forward to every year.

Going into the season everyone and their mother knew we had to get better at our offensive line. It was horrid and an abomination to man. The team was ranked 30th in rushing yards and gave up 35 sacks (that's with Kurt Warner starting 5 games that year). The result? The team's new head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, did what many people do in that instance -- he reached for a left tackle in Levi Brown, who was supposed to be the team's LT for the next 10 years. (Interesting side note -- he made it to eight seasons.)

While many felt this was the way to go, I personally felt that the Cardinals were so bad that they had to start taking the best player available no matter the position, just like they had done in 2003 with Larry Fitzgerald, even though there was already a stud WR on the team. In this case, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, Darelle Revis were all scooped up in the next 10 selections. Hindsight being 20/20, we would of all rather of taken any of these picks than Levi.

So here is the issue I see. Going into this year's draft, picking at number 20, we almost have to take a player that fills a need (safety, OLB, ILB, right tackle) because unlike in 2006 we have very few holes that need to be filled this yea. If the best player available happens to be a CB at that position, yes the team can draft him, but he isn't going to make an impact on this team this year.

So that being said, as this team is so close to being a playoff team, so close to competing for a championship, this year, this is the time, you may never get this good of team again, I ask this: What do you do? Do you take a player you know will have a chance to make a big impact, or do you take the "best" player, regardless of impact in 2014?

Whom should we draft? I cannot tell you that, but let me just say that so far Steve Keim and Bruce Arians have made all the right moves and choices for this team. Im going to cheer their selection no matter what this coming May.