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2014 NFL schedule: How will the season play out for the Arizona Cardinals?

What will the 2014 schedule look like this season?


After waiting for what seemed like the absolute last minute, the NFL is going to release the 2014 schedule for all teams. And, to boot, they made sure to not release it on the day that Pro Football Talk reported it would happen -- such an NFL thing to do.

The league will announce the 2014 schedule Wednesday 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Arizona time) on NFL Network, as they air a three-hour schedule release show.

We already know the opponents the team will have:

Home: Seahawks, Rams, 49ers, Eagles, Redskins, Chiefs, Chargers and Lions

Away: Seahawks, Rams, 49ers, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Raiders and Falcons

Some of the big questions as we learn the schedule:

1. Against whom will the Cardinals open Week 1?

2. When will the bye be?

3. How many prime time games will they have? Will they host any?

4. How many early games will they play?

5. Which road games will be in the cold and perhaps snow?

Thoughts on possible schedule:

Week 1 possibilities:

The Seahawks will open the season at home on a Thursday night. It could go a couple of ways. Two easy matchups would either be a Super Bowl rematch (Seattle is set to host Denver during the season) or a divisional matchup against the 49ers. Those two matchups would give real intrigue to kick things off.

How does this affect the Cards?

Well, if Seattle opens against the 49ers, it will likely mean that Arizona will open against the Rams again, as the league does like to have teams open and close the season within their division.

If Seattle opens against Denver, then that would open the door to a Week 1 opener against the 49ers. If that were the matchup, then it is very possible that the game could get the second game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader there is each year in Week 1. What is more is that it has been determined that, at least for 2014, the Niners will not be able to host any prime time games because of traffic. That would mean opening at University of Phoenix Stadium on a Monday night potentially.

Prime time games:

The Cardinals have some buzz coming into the season, having won 10 games in 2013. Winning in Seattle and just missing the playoffs, combined with a talented roster and a top-10 defense, make them an interesting team to watch nationally. I totally expect at least two prime time games this season.