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2014 NFL schedule: Arizona Cardinals open season on Monday Night Football, have 3 prime time games

Finally! Now we know when they play the teams we already knew they were going to play.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As crazy as it sounds, the craziness has been settled. With all the buzz and wait for the release of the NFL's 2014 schedule, we now know when the Arizona Cardinals will be playing the teams we have known since the end of last season.

Arizona has earned a bit of respect and it shows with three prime time games, including opening on Monday Night Football at home against the San Diego Chargers. They will also play the Rams in St. Louis on Thursday Night Football in Week 15 and host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football in Week 16.

They will have a very early bye, coming in Week 4.

The team will end the season in San Francisco on December 28.

Here is what the full schedule looks like:

Week 1: HOME vs. San Diego Chargers, Monday Night Football, Sept 8, 10:20 PM ET, 7:20 PM AZT

Week 2: AWAY at New York Giants, Sept 14, 1PM ET, 10 AM AZT

Week 3: HOME vs. San Francisco 49ers, Sept 21, 4:05 ET, 1:05 AZT

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: AWAY at Denver Broncos, Oct 5, 4:05 ET, 1:05 AZT:

Week 6: HOME vs. Washington Redskins, Oct 12, 4:25 ET, 1:25 AZT

Week 7: AWAY at Oakland Raiders, Oct 19, 4:25 ET, 1:25 AZT

Week 8: HOME vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Oct 26, 4:05 ET, 1:05 AZT

Week 9: AWAY at Dallas Cowboys, Nov 2, 1:00 ET, 11:00 AM AZT

Week 10: HOME vs. St. Louis Rams, Nov 9, 4:25 ET, 2:25 AZT

Week 11: HOME vs. Detroit Lions, Nov 16, 4:25 ET, 2:25 AZT

Week 12: AWAY at Seattle Seahawks, Nov 23, 4:05 ET, 2:05 AZT

Week 13: AWAY at Atlanta Falcons, Nov 30, 4:05 ET, 2:05 AZT

Week 14: HOME vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Dec 7, 4:05 ET, 2:05 AZT

Week 15: AWAY at St. Louis Rams, Thursday Night Football, Dec 11, 8:25 ET, 6:25 AZT

Week 16: HOME vs. Seattle Seahawks, Sunday Night Football, Dec 21, 8:30 ET, 6:30 AZT

Week 17: AWAY at San Francisco 49ers, Dec 28, 4:25 ET, 2:25 AZT

What are your initial reactions to the schedule release?