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ROTB Roundtable: Ryan Williams, NFC West WRs, and Aldon Smith

We're just a day over two weeks until the NFL Draft!


Meanwhile, the ROTB Writing Staff took on three questions surrounding the Cardinals and their divisional rivals.

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1) After a season of inactivity, what do you think the team has planned for Ryan Williams?

AndyStandsUp: Am the only one tired of the "Ryan Williams" questions? Obviously a Keim guy that hasn't produced an ounce in NFL career. Will see what he has in MC and TC and it has to be kept or cut bait with him. Million dollar salary for a guy that doesn't play -  doesn't make business sense.

Alex Mann: I think Minicamp will be their initial grading point for Williams. Can he participate in everything, and can he do it at a level that they want to see him in Training Camp? We all know the talent that surrounds Williams, the main thing will be whether or not, two seasons of inactivity allow him to reach that potential, or he's yet another runningback bust for the Cardinals.

Jesse Reynolds: I believe the team will keep him around for spring training. If he does well and shows the athleticism Keim believes he still has he makes the roster, if not look for him to be cut.

Jess Root: He is Steve Keim's guy. He is going to get one final shot at a spot on the team. It's actually one of the more understated stories -- it is clearly something Keim and Arians don't agree on. I don't think OTAs are the test -- he was healthy for all offseason work last year. It was training camp that did him in. He will have to make a healthy impact in training camp this time around.

2) Which NFC West team has the best WR corps?

AndyStandsUp: Cardinals by far. You can take one WR on each NFC West team that POSSIBLY could be a great player (Crabtree, Austin, Harvin) but AZ has two. Huge, huge Boldin fan..but he can't keep on keeping on, can he?

Alex Mann: A case could be made for any team not named St. Louis. The Cardinals, Niners, and Seahawks boast some talented units. I will however, and this is with a very meager amount of bias, go with the Cardinals. Arizona boasts a potential star in the making, with Michael Floyd, a future Hall of Famer in Larry Fitzgerald, Tedd Ginn who, following a admirable season in 2013, looks to be coming into his own as a receiver. That goes with a handful of young receivers who have potential that can be tapped. One player in particular is Jaron Brown, who found his way on the roster, and made solid plays when given a chance. This goes hand in hand with the upcoming draft as well.

Jesse Reynolds: Cardinals by a country mile.

Jess Root: The easy answer is the Cardinals, but San Francisco, with a healthy Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin, really does rival Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd.

3) What is your take on the Aldon Smith situation?  Do you think the 49ers will end up cutting him?

AndyStandsUp: Didn't exercise the fifth year option that the Cards did with PP and how many chances do you give a guy?  You want to show the love, but ethically, it's wrong. Comparable to me with having the hots for your extremely sexy coworker that you realize you can't have because you're both married. So enticing.. yet...

Alex Mann: I think Smith is in the same boat as a Titus Young. Young was an insanely gifted player who's off the field issues were his demise. Smith is quickly falling apart, and unlike Young, they are incredibly fixable at this stage. The question there is, will he fix himself?

Jesse Reynolds: Aldon won't be cut and is likely to only face a few game suspension. I see the Niners bringing him back and even trying to resign l him if he plays well this season.

Jess Root: He'll figure things out. If he gets into more trouble than he already is on, you might see him released. However, his on-field talent means patience. That's how the league works, and it is how the rest of life works, too. If you're good at what you do, you will get other chances.