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2014 NFL Draft: Considering A.J. McCarron as a QB option for Arizona Cardinals

He might not be as bad as some believe.

Dave Martin

A.J. McCarron is a quarterback prospect in this year''s NFL gets tepid support by football fans. Coming from Alabama, where they are known for a top notch offensive line, running game and defense, what McCarron did at his position gets overlooked. Some fans see Greg McElroy another former Alabama QB), while others see Matt Leinart. Either way, NFL fans aren't jumping out of their seats for their teams to draft him.

While there are reports out there that the Arizona Cardinals are interested in McCarron, it is unknown where he will get drafted. He could go in the second round, while other would prefer he be drafted in the third or fourth.

According to our very own Seth Cox, he might not be that bad an option for the Cardinals, who at some point need to look to the future at quarterback. Wednesday he tweeted these comments about McCarron.

He doesn't have the biggest arm, he isn't the biggest guy, but he does a lot of things well.

While when you say Matt Schaub, it isn't sexy, but if you take away Schaub's 2014 season, you have a guy you could live with for a lot of years at the position. Sure you could do better, but you could do a lot worse at the position.

What would you think of McCarron in the second round? Does he have a higher upside than many of us believe?

If you have watching McCarron, what QB in the NFL would you compare him to?