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2014 NFL mock draft: Todd McShay would take Teddy Bridgewater for Arizona Cardinals

The draft expert would keep the QB from falling further.

Andy Lyons

With the NFL Draft approaching finally, ESPN's Todd McShay has released another mock draft. This time, though, it is not his projections, but rather it is the picks he would make if he were making the selections for the teams.

For the Arizona Cardinals, he joins the many mocks recently and picks a quarterback. This time it is Teddy Bridgewater.

There aren't many landing spots that make sense for Bridgewater if he gets past the No. 8 overall pick, but Arizona is one of them. The Cardinals could also consider Calvin Pryor here as a strong safety to plug in next to Tyrann Mathieu, but I feel as though Bridgewater presents good value here. He has not done well during the postseason draft process, but he shows excellent poise, footwork and accuracy on short to intermediate throws on tape. Carson Palmer will turn 35 years old this season, so having a succession plan at QB is important, and Bridgewater could benefit from some extra time to acclimate to the pro game (just as Palmer did after being drafted first overall by Cincinnati).

So he would pick Bridgewater. I'm not against the thought process, except that a first rounder should probably play right away.

The problem with the pick is that, while McShay might feel Bridgewater would be a good pick for the Cardinals, he is one quarterback name that just hasn't been bandied about. Supposedly, the team is not thrilled with his build.

Would it be a good idea? It wouldn't be a bad one. Sure you don't get the impact in Year 1, but because of how important the quarterback is, you shouldn't pass on one if you think he could be the guy for your team. However, it would appear that the team does not believe that Bridgewater is that guy.

Do you agree with McShay? Is Bridgewater a good QB plan?